Build 1.0.73

Posted by brian – Tue 21 May

We have posted a new build. This is mostly just a stepping stone release to bootstrap the next series of changes for JDK 9+ Jigsaw support.


Build 1.0.73 (21 May 2019)

  • WebReq isGet, isPost conveniences
  • PathFile Java implementation
  • Prep for JDK 9 support

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Build 1.0.72

Posted by brian – Thu 14 Mar

New build is posted and tagged. This is mostly just maintenance stuff, but does include new build init command.

Build 1.0.72 (14 Mar 2019)

  • fanr: Eggbox is now the default fanr repo
  • Rework Java Buf APIs
  • dom: fix DomCoord to be const
  • dom: add Win.log
  • domkit: fix Tree.onAction to not fire on expanders
  • domkit: fix SashBox bug where nested resizable SashBoxs could throw NPE
  • domkit: fix SashBox Float.toLocale to use Locale.en to force . decimal
  • Date yesterday, tomorrow
  • List.containsSame
  • ext2mime: Add otf,ttf,woff,woff2
  • web: default SameSite attribute to "strict" on all cookies
  • 2711: FEP 1: fan build command line tool
  • 2724: Float.toLocale()
  • 2726: Serialising Nested Maps
  • 2730: BugFixes for domkit::ListButton
  • 2739: Lists of Lists

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Build 1.0.71

Posted by brian – Tue 29 May 2018

New build is posted and tagged

Change Log

Build 1.0.71 (29 May 2018)

  • List.flatMap
  • concurrent: add ConcurrentMap
  • dom: add DomFile.ext
  • dom: add Geolocation API: geoCurPosition, geoWatchPosition, geoClearWatch, DomCoord
  • dom: add Elem.fromHtml
  • dom: fix Style.effective security exception
  • domkit: add GridBox.insertRowBefore, GridBox.rowIndexOf
  • domkit: add AccordionBox.isExpanded, expand
  • domkit: sdd Popup.fitBounds to verify overflow for async loaded content
  • domkit: support for MenuItem.disabled
  • domkit: add Combo.onItem to customize list items
  • domkit: FlowBox support for non-px gap units
  • domkit: SashBox support for non-px and mixed size units
  • domkit: rework SashBox resizable to use explicit divider children
  • inet: add broadcastAddrs to IpInterface
  • inet: add isLoopback and isSiteLocal to IpAddr
  • wisp: remove deprecated WispService.port field
  • wisp: allow session cookie name to be configurable
  • #2670: NodeRunner does not work on Windows
  • #2694: JS: Deserialisation bug

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Build 1.0.70

Posted by brian – Wed 8 Nov 2017

New build is posted and online docs updated.

Java Support

The previous build 1.0.69 was compiled to target Java 1.5+, but in this build we are targeting 1.7+ or higher. So you will need to run with at least Java 1.7 now (we recommend Java 1.8). Hopefully this should not be a problem since 1.6 is over a decade old now. We'll probably upgrade to require 1.8+ sometime in 2018.

Also note that Java FFI is not going to work with 1.9 because they reworked jars and classpath for project Jigsaw. That will be a significant development effort to fix. In the meantime you will need to use JDK 1.8 when compiling Fantom code which uses Java FFI.

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Build 1.0.69

Posted by brian – Thu 14 Jul 2016

I have posted new build and updated online docs.


We have finally open sourced domkit! We pushed all Andy's code to BitBucket last week. This is our new HTML5 toolkit which has been under development for on and off about a year. This library is still actively under development, so consider it beta. Might still be a few breaking API changes, but we are using it production now so its getting close. Take a look at the pod docs. Not much example code yet. We have a test harness that we probably need to look at moving over to Fantom repo too at some point soon.


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Build 1.0.68

Posted by brian – Thu 7 Apr 2016

Its been long overdue, but we have finally posted 1.0.68!

Dom Changes

There have been many breaking changes to the dom APIs. This is in preparation for the development of a brand new UI toolkit called domkit which we hope to open source later this year. Domkit replaces FWT as our toolkit for developing HTML5 user interfaces in Fantom. See topic 2466 for more details, and please review change log for list of changes.

Windows Launcher

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Build 1.0.67

Posted by brian – Thu 8 Jan 2015

I posted a new build and updated the online documentation - we had built up a huge amount of changes since the last clean build. No really big new features, but tons of small enhancements and fixes. Here are a couple of the highlights:


The dom pod API has received many enhancements, and will most likely be the center of a lot more development through 2015 as we continue to make Fantom a first class platform to target web applications.

JavaScript Metadata

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Build 1.0.66

Posted by brian – Wed 19 Mar 2014

Its been almost a year since we actually posted a build with all the latest changes. So I figured it was about time to to get a clean zip with all the tweaks, fixes, and enhancements we've added over the last 10 months.

Google code doesn't allow file downloads anymore, so I posted this build on BitBucket.

Couple notable new APIS...


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Official Hg Repo moved to BitBucket

Posted by andy – Sat 28 Dec 2013

The official Fantom hg repo is now hosted on BitBucket:

We looked at doing this a few years ago, but felt it wasn't quite ready. Since then its turned into a very nice platform. And more importantly, dramatically simplifies how we can accept and review patches. So hopefully this lowers the bar for contributions.

We are no longer pushing to - and will be bringing that server down over the next week or two. So make sure you update your local repo to use BitBucket.

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Build 1.0.65

Posted by brian – Mon 20 May 2013

I posted a new build and updated the online docs.

This is mostly just a bug fix release with lots of fixes and minor enhancements.

Build 1.0.65 (20 May 2013)

  • Add build javacParams config option (#1765)
  • Fandoc abstract Test classes
  • WebOutStream: add header, footer, nav, section, article, aside
  • Convert SqlConn from class to mixin
  • fwt: AsyncTask
  • Locale default support for /etc/sys/config.props
  • Normalize Uri https, ftp ports
  • #1891: Fix fandoc images embedded in paragraph text
  • #2051: Opening Uri by its scheme handler
  • #2052: sys::Uri.encodeQuery does not conform standard
  • #2054: Problem of Reduced Stack Trace
  • #2121: Runtime error when using Map as a type
  • #2133: Errs on Service.start()
  • #2134: NullErr with Safe Invoke
  • #2139: Can not override method that returns This

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