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#2830 Build 1.0.76

brian Mon 10 May 2021

We have posted a new Fantom build.

This is mostly a much needed maintenance build.

But there are a few small language features...

You can now use once methods on a const class per proposal 2820. Note the caveats in the updated docs.

We've also made a subtle change in allowable function types. Previously you could only use This in a function type if the full function type was |This->Void| (for use in it-blocks method params). We've relaxed those rules to allow This to be used in any function parameter position, but only when the function type appears as a method parameter (which is covariantly safe).

Change Log

Build 1.0.76 (10 May 2021)

  • Allow This to be in any func param position as method param
  • Allow once methods to be used on const classes
  • Add once as new fcode bitmask flag 0x80000
  • BoolArray clear, eachTrue, getAndSet
  • Int.clip, Float.clip
  • dom: Elem.fromNative fix if already Elem instance
  • domkit: SashBox.onSashResize
  • WebClient.authBasic
  • Minor enhancements to compilerDoc APIs
  • 2488: Javascript - No warnings on func params
  • 2820: Proposal: once methods on const classes

SlimerDude Wed 12 May 2021

Hooray! Thanks! :D

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