Fantom Programming Langauge

// Hello from Fantom!
class HelloWorld
  static Void main()
    echo("Hello, World!")

PortabilityWrite code portable to the Java VM, .NET CLR, and JavaScript in the browser.

Familiar SyntaxJava and C# programmers will feel at home with Fantom's evolutionary syntax.

MixinsInterfaces but with implementation.

ConcurrencyTackle concurrency with built-in immutability and actor model.

Object OrientedEverything subclasses from Obj. Value types when you need the performance.

FunctionalFunctions and closures are baked in.

Static and Dynamic TypingDon't like the extremes - take the middle of the road.

SerializationBuilt-in "JSON like" serialization syntax makes Fantom ideal for declarative programming too.

Elegant APIsWe're quite obsessive about providing all the key features required for a standard library, but with much less surface area than the APIs found in Java or .NET.

RESTURI literals and a unified namespace of resources identified with URIs.

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