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#2856 Build 1.0.77

brian Thu 2 Sep 2021

We have posted a new build for download.

Per discussion in topic 2798, the official build zips will no longer contain any tests. And we are recommending that pods posted to public repositories are compiled with the stripTest flag.


We are introducing a brand new crypto API which includes:

  • KeyStore
  • Key generation
  • PEM encoding/decoding
  • Certificate signing
  • Digests

The crypto pod only defines a set of light weight suite mixins as the official API. The APIs are all accessed from the Crypto.cur singleton. The JVM implementation is found in cryptoJava (there is no JS implementation). We are also publishing an asn1 pod to support these features.


With an official crypto API, we are now including public APIs to manage TLS in the inet pod. A new inet::SocketConfig class provides a single location to configure socket options and a socket's truststore/keystore. As an immutable class it provides more flexibility than SocketOptions (which is now deprecated). If you were using any of the NoDoc TLS methods, you will need to switch your code over to the new public APIs.

Loading JavaScript

There has been some refactoring to streamline how JavaScript is loaded in browsers. Previously web::WebUtil.jsMain was used to generate the bootstrap code. Now use the web::WebOutStream.initJs method. We have added new examples.

Change Log

Build 1.0.77 (2 Sep 2021)

  • Distribution zip now shipped without tests
  • List groupBy, groupByInto
  • Move examples/js/ -> examples/webfwt/
  • Env.compileScriptToJs
  • Add new examples/js/ sample code for different JS use cases
  • New WebOutStream.initJs that deprecates WebUtil.jsMain
  • Move obix out of Fantom into Haxall repo
  • js: New formal Env.var initialization design for JS
  • js: TimeZone.cur now defaults to Env.var or queries browser for best match
  • js: Locale.cur can now be defaulted via Env.var
  • New asn1 pod
  • New crypto pod
  • New SocketConfig and TLS support in inet
  • #2652: List.groupBy()
  • #2798: JS Test Code

SlimerDude Fri 3 Sep 2021

This is great - thanks!

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