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#2549 Build 1.0.69

brian Thu 14 Jul 2016

I have posted new build and updated online docs.


We have finally open sourced domkit! We pushed all Andy's code to BitBucket last week. This is our new HTML5 toolkit which has been under development for on and off about a year. This library is still actively under development, so consider it beta. Might still be a few breaking API changes, but we are using it production now so its getting close. Take a look at the pod docs. Not much example code yet. We have a test harness that we probably need to look at moving over to Fantom repo too at some point soon.


Its a small feature, but very handy: sys::Buf.toFile will let you take an in-memory buffer and treat as a file to provide a uniform interface for file based APIs. The place I find it extremely useful for is using web::FileWeblet with an in-memory buffer so you can pick up all the features like cache control, ETags, compression, etc.

Change Log

Build 1.0.69 (14 Jul 2016)

  • Initial domkit code
  • dom: Doc.onEvent, removeEvent
  • Buf.toFile to create in-memory "files"
  • Str.mult
  • 2528: FAN_HOME and fanlaunch.bat
  • 2536: NPE when compiling scripts

SlimerDude Mon 17 Jul 2017

Happy Anniversary Fantom 1.0.69!

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