#2536 NPE when compiling scripts

SlimerDude Sun 15 May 2016

I was trying to compile a script into a Fantom pod file. I wanted an actual .pod file and not a Pod instance, so I could read the generated .apidoc files.

But I kept getting an NPE at the last stage when the pod file was being written out. This little patch fixes it:

diff -r 8b38678076b7 src/compiler/fan/steps/WritePod.fan
--- a/src/compiler/fan/steps/WritePod.fan	Tue Apr 19 17:11:16 2016 -0400
+++ b/src/compiler/fan/steps/WritePod.fan	Sun May 15 19:36:36 2016 +0100
@@ -71,7 +71,8 @@
         writeStr(zip, `locale/en.props`, compiler.localeProps)
       // write resource files
-      compiler.resFiles.each |file| { writeRes(zip, file) }
+      if (compiler.resFiles != null)
+        compiler.resFiles.each |file| { writeRes(zip, file) }
       // if including fandoc write it out too
       if (compiler.input.includeDoc) writeDocs(zip)

compiler.resFiles is null because of InitInput.initFiles():

private Void initFiles()
  if (input.mode !== CompilerInputMode.file) return

  // map pod facets to src/res files
  compiler.srcFiles = findFiles(input.srcFiles, "fan")
  compiler.resFiles = findFiles(input.resFiles, null)
  compiler.jsFiles  = findFiles(input.jsFiles,  "js")

Because I'm compiling a script, input.mode is CompilerInputMode.str, so compiler.resFiles is never set to a value

With the null check patch, it all works great! I can now generate a valid Fantom .pod file from just a script.

matthew Mon 16 May 2016

Ticket promoted to #2536 and assigned to matthew

matthew Mon 16 May 2016

Ticket resolved in 1.0.69

Applied the fix to check if resFiles is null before iterating them.

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