6. Faq

Contact Us?

Please direct questions or feedback to the discussion group. Or feel free to use email:

  • Brian: briansfrank at gmail dot com
  • Andy: afrankvt at gmail dot com

Didn't this language used to be called Fan?

Yeap! Originally the language was called Fan; named after "The Fan" which is the neighborhood where we live in Richmond, VA. It's a great turn of the 20th century neighborhood back when urban planning was human-centric as opposed to automobile-centric. But after a long debate about the searchability of Fan, we renamed the langauge to Fantom in November 2009.

How is Fantom licensed?

Fantom is licensed under the Academic Free License 3.0 which is a BSD-styled license (it is very similiar to the Apache 2.0 license).

What is the status of Fantom?

Fantom is mature, stable, and ready to be used in production. It has been used in commercial software since 2008.

How do Fantom version numbers work?

Fantom version numbers are a three or four part series of decimal integers separated by dots: major.minor.build.patch. We are currently developing version 1.0 as a series of incrementing builds: 1.0.30, 1.0.31, etc.