#2869 [ANN] BSON, Mongo, Morphia 2.0

SlimerDude Thu 5 May 2022

Our three libraries for communicating with MongoDB have been re-imagined, re-written, and re-released.



The BSON library provides datatypes, pretty printing, and low level serialisation for communicating binary data with Mongo databases.


A native Fantom driver which allows you to communicate, query, and run commands on MongoDB.

  • Developed against the MongoDB Stable API v1 (introduced in MongoDB 5.2+)
  • Compatible with MongoDB 3.6+
  • Pooled Connection Manager for multi-threaded use and automatic connection fail over
  • Large query cursor support
  • Simplified Query DSL syntax


An extension to the Mongo library that maps Fantom objects to and from MongoDB Collections and BSON Documents.

Have fun! :)


Jay Herron2 Fri 6 May 2022

Steve, these are awesome!! I can't believe I haven't played around with them before! Thanks!

LightDye Sat 14 May 2022

Great job SlimerDude!

SlimerDude Thu 2 Jun 2022

ANN: Mongo 2.1

The Mongo Driver for Fantom has been updated with some "behind the scenes" changes making applications more robust.

  • Support for multi-document, multi-collection transactions (in clustered environments)
  • Support for logical sessions
  • Support for retryable read and retryable write operations (enabled by default)
  • zlib wire compression

The makes the implementation the Mongo Stable API, pretty much feature complete.

Have fun!

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