#2858 vase UI framework now supports iOS

go4 Fri 8 Oct 2021

A UI framework for building mobile apps across Android,iOS,Web,Desktop.

Recently it's ported to iOS by compiling to C.

  • mobile-optimized widgets
  • flexible style and layout
  • async/await based Http client
  • declarative programming


Have fun!

andy Fri 8 Oct 2021

This looks really cool!

brian Mon 11 Oct 2021

This is a pretty impressive project!

So you have a Fantom implementation of OpenGL which wraps both JS and Java in there?

And this is all using the fanx code generation?

go4 Tue 12 Oct 2021

The UI component is building in 2D graphics. There is a OpenGL wrap in same repo, but nothing to do with UI.

It use fanx to generate code for iOS.

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