#2857 Field.makeSetFuncs().toImmutable

Jeremy C Wed 15 Sep 2021

fansh> [concurrent::ActorPool#maxThreads: 100].toImmutable
fansh> Field.makeSetFunc([concurrent::ActorPool#maxThreads: 100].toImmutable).toImmutable
sys::NotImmutableErr: Func
  fan.sys.Func.toImmutable (Func.java:34)
  fan.sys.FanObj.toImmutable (FanObj.java:122)```

It seems to me that any Func made with Field.makeSetFunc should be immutable, especially if the input map is immutable.

As a workaround, I have to wrap the resulting Func in an Unsafe...because I know for a fact it's an immutable function.

brian Mon 11 Oct 2021

Ticket promoted to #2857 and assigned to brian

Agree - I will take a look

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