#2753 A decent IDE for fan is needed

Ilove:= Sun 16 Jun

Xored abandoned F4 and our SlimmerDude doesn't have enough time to maintain his fork either. Fan currently has no maintained IDE. Are you have any plan about making Flux serious? If not, please fork F4 and join forces to maintain it because it needs a community to do such a thing that no single one can do :)

SlimerDude Sun 16 Jun

Yeah, sorry about that; I've been busy fighting crime and corruption in my _other_ job! (Shh, don't tell anyone!)

But I will be making that official F4 1.1.2 release before long - I am aware it is overdue.

I do use F4 myself everyday and find it to be largely good enough for my needs. If there's anything in particular you need, or feel is lacking, please raise an issue in the Xored GitHub branch - https://github.com/xored/f4/issues - I can follow suggestions from there.

Ilove:= Sun 16 Jun

I look forward to your new F4 release. But if you could also offers 32 bit versions like the original Xored it's much better. I usually use a 32 bit jre even on 64 bit system because it use much less ram :)

Ilove:= Mon 24 Jun

F4 is slow again. Even removing a file take seconds. It's weired this still happen as I've upgraded to a new computer with SSD and more ram. Exactly after a week of usage it's started to slowing down and down. My project only consists of a very simple class and has only 5 .fan file :(

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