#2747 The persistent connection in Wisp

go4 Thu 13 Jun 2019

Why the wisp server no longer supports Keep-Alive?

SlimerDude Thu 13 Jun 2019

What makes you say Wisp no longer supports persistent keep-alive connections?

HTTP 1.1 uses persistent connections by default and doesn't need keep-alive headers - perhaps this is causing some confusion?

From RFC 2616, section 8.1.2:

A significant difference between HTTP/1.1 and earlier versions of HTTP is that persistent connections are the default behavior of any HTTP connection. That is, unless otherwise indicated, the client SHOULD assume that the server will maintain a persistent connection, even after error responses from the server.

go4 Thu 13 Jun 2019

It seems to have been removed in this commit

brian Thu 13 Jun 2019

Yes I got rid of it. If you google around you will see that no browsers actually support it (or enabled it by default). The current thinking is that it actually makes performance worse with head-of-line blocking. Plus it was causing all sorts of reliability problems ensuring socket file handles are closed immediately and not leaked. The preferred solution would be HTTP/2 which we need at some point in the near future

brian Wed 1 Jul 2020

Ticket promoted to #2747 and assigned to brian

Lets track this

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