#2737 domkit examples

SlimerDude Thu 14 Feb

I thought I'd quickly post these after reading Ilove:='s comment about setting up domkit - as I've had these lying around for a few months now.

Here's a mini Fantom project (3 files) that serves up and runs domkit code to a browser:


fan build.fan
fan afWebDemo2

And here's the same that uses BedSheet (and all the reloading goodness that it brings):


fanr install -r http://eggbox.fantomfactory.org/fanr/ afDuvet
fan build.fan
fan afWebDemo

I need to convert the above examples in to a proper written example / article on Alien-Factory, but until then, the above .zips may help the inquisitive.

Ilove:= Fri 15 Feb

You're so kind. It's the reason I like this community so much.

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