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#2699 Build 1.0.71

brian Tue 29 May 2018

New build is posted and tagged

Change Log

Build 1.0.71 (29 May 2018)

  • List.flatMap
  • concurrent: add ConcurrentMap
  • dom: add DomFile.ext
  • dom: add Geolocation API: geoCurPosition, geoWatchPosition, geoClearWatch, DomCoord
  • dom: add Elem.fromHtml
  • dom: fix Style.effective security exception
  • domkit: add GridBox.insertRowBefore, GridBox.rowIndexOf
  • domkit: add AccordionBox.isExpanded, expand
  • domkit: sdd Popup.fitBounds to verify overflow for async loaded content
  • domkit: support for MenuItem.disabled
  • domkit: add Combo.onItem to customize list items
  • domkit: FlowBox support for non-px gap units
  • domkit: SashBox support for non-px and mixed size units
  • domkit: rework SashBox resizable to use explicit divider children
  • inet: add broadcastAddrs to IpInterface
  • inet: add isLoopback and isSiteLocal to IpAddr
  • wisp: remove deprecated WispService.port field
  • wisp: allow session cookie name to be configurable
  • #2670: NodeRunner does not work on Windows
  • #2694: JS: Deserialisation bug

SlimerDude Thu 31 May 2018

That's great, thanks Brian! and the Fantom Windows Installer have been updated accordingly.

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