#1986 Fanr pod cache out of sync with the FileRepo

SlimerDude Thu 2 Aug 2012


With all my messing around with Fanr on the server, I've been manually deleting pods from the file repo (so I can test re-publishing them). All good.

But when I try querying the web repo it then lists the same pod (& version) multiple times, as they've been re-added to a pod cache on each upload.

I know this is an edge case (and it's cos Im being naughty), but it'd be nice if I didn't have to re-start the Fanr server to put the cache back in sync with the file system.

brian Thu 2 Aug 2012

Would just a command to flush and reload cache work for you?

SlimerDude Thu 2 Aug 2012

Would just a command to flush and reload cache work for you?

Yeah, of course.

I was thinking it's a bit of a leaky abstraction though as we're exposing the fact there's a cache. Maybe FileRepoDb#publish could check the PodSpec version to replace any current version in the PodDir before blindly adding a new one.

But that then wouldn't catch the time when you delete pods behind fanr's back and try to query / find them - as the cache would be out of date.

So maybe a simple refresh / reload / resync command would be better?

brian Thu 2 Aug 2012

Well it isn't actually designed to have you nuking the files yourself :-) But I think a simple cache reload would be simple to add, so I'll definitely look at that

brian Fri 24 Aug 2012

Promoted to ticket #1986 and assigned to brian

brian Wed 18 Oct 2017

Ticket resolved in 1.0.70

Add FileRepo.refresh method

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